Roger Pryor

Facilitator, Creating Spaces

Roger has just retired from a role as a School Education Director (SED) in NSW which meant that he had responsibility for working with the school leaders of 30 high, primary and special schools in the Newcastle area of NSW, to provide both support and an accountability framework for their learning environments. Before that he was a teacher in schools, in Outdoor Education and with Young Offenders. He was then a primary Principal in 5 different schools over 20 years before working in the School Leadership Development Unit and as the NSW President of the Primary Principals' Association.

Along the way, Roger has been a musician, a member of the NSW Drama Curriculum Committee and co-ordinator of the Education and the Arts Centre during the Festival of Sydney. In Newcastle, Roger is a founding member of the The Lunaticks Society of Newcastle, website manager for the Newcastle Institute and Board member for Tantrum Theatre.

Roger has always been interested in student engagement and relevance and in the discussions which flow from asking the deceptively simple question: 'Why do we have schools anyway?' - This has provided the basis for a range of keynotes, presentations and workshops he has delivered at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in the USA and the British Educational Technology Trade Show (BETT) in London as well as at major conferences within Australia.  He's off to Canada in May to present at Connect 2013 in Niagara Falls, and afterwards at EduTech 2013 in Brisbane.

Roger can be found on the web at and is currently blogging at