Marni Jackson

General Manager, Renew Newcastle

Marni Jackson has wielded the safety pins, the spreadsheets, the gaffa tape and the handkerchiefs for a number of Newcastle-based creative projects.

Marni completed a BA (Hons) First Class, at University of Newcastle in 2003.

Marni worked as the Festival Co-ordinator for This Is Not Art from 2005 – 2008, and has been involved as an organiser, committee member, editor, writer, costumier and performer in a number of Newcastle’s favourite creative and community collectives including The Lovelorn Living Party’s Bohemian Love Theatre; Urchin Magazine; Beanstalk Organic Food Co-op and University of Newcastle’s Sustenance Food Co-op.

Marni was a Founding Director of Renew Newcastle Limited in October 2008, and in April 2009 was appointed as the General Manager for Renew Newcastle operations.